-About Us-

Granny's Garden and Grass-Fed Beef is located on a fourth generation, 160 acre farm that was founded nearly a century ago.  Our forefathers understood the importance of a self-sustainable lifestyle based on producing natural and wholesome food.  Many neighbors, friends, and family members enjoyed the benefits of each harvest over the years.  Today we continue this family tradition by reaching out to you, our valued customer, to provide meat and produce from our farm to your table.

What Our Customers Say

Jacquelyn J Stone

I went to Bastrop Farmer's Market for the first time last Saturday. There was a sale on short ribs. I ordered some and popped them in the slow cooker with just Dijon mustard and balsamic vinegar. The flavor really popped out. Fantastic cut and flavor!!!! Will definitely buy more, different cuts. The best part is, it's cheaper and tastier than HEB's "grass-fed beef"!!!

Donnella Looger

It doesn't get any better than this!!! I'm first in line most every Tuesday waiting for this vendor to open. Not only are their fruits, vegetables, nuts, and meat amazing, but they are friendly, knowledgeable about how best to enjoy each variety, and downright friendly folks. I urge the ladies in the health class I lead to be at the market regularly for the best possible food for our bodies. In fact, I just sent out an email about the multi-state recall of lettuce due to Listeria. This doesn't happen when one couple is handling your food from one farm.

Dorian Martin

I've been really pleased with the quality of Granny's Garden's produce as well as the service. I previously had been hooked on the benefits of regularly receiving really fresh produce from a another CSA that is no longer serving the Brazos Valley. Therefore, I was really happy to hear that Nathan would be offering this type of service. The produce has been wonderful and there's even been seasonal fruit -- peaches! figs! melons! -- in the share! And I've appreciated having many extra options through this CSA, such as free-range eggs and home delivery (which I've used) as well as grass-fed beef. I recommend them highly.

Justin Lyman Hegan

Your steaks are always delicious...but I made the burgers tonight and daaaang...y'all make great burgers

Thanks again

Miki Ann

The best!!!! My daughter & I cannot process most beef, but neither of us have any problems here & it tastes great. Their service & knowledge is amazing along with everything else we've tried.